Because infants experience rapid growth of the skull between 3 and 18 months, it is possible to remold an asymmetrical head into a more symmetrical shape. We achieve this symmetrical remolding by having the kinderBAND™ contact the head on the prominent areas, and creating space in the helmet for growth where the head is asymmetric. As the infant grows, the kinderBAND™ is customized to the developing skull on a 2-3 week interval by removing the interior foam lining. This encourages growth into the concavity formed in the helmet, thus achieving the desired skull and facial symmetry over time.

This is achieved through the following process:

Step 1    Scan the asymmetrical head

Step 2    Provide key measurements

Step 3    Provide key patient history

Step 4    Fit symmetrical* designed kinderBAND™

Step 5    Modify kinderBAND™ every 2-3 weeks during treatment

Cranial remolding orthoses have been successfully fit when used under the prescription of a pediatrician, pediatric neurosurgeon, pediatric plastic surgeon or craniofacial surgeon. This method has been used since 1979 when Dr. Sterling Clarren reported on the use of cranial orthoses to treat plagiocephaly.

*Ideal symmetry is achieved between ages 3 - 9 months.