The BioScanner™ was designed to ensure the most comfortable, fast and safe scanning environment for your baby. We feel it offers the most relaxing yet accurate scanning available.

The BioScanner™ works by using two cameras. Two cameras work twice as effectively as one to capture the anatomical data of your baby's cranium. To clearly demonstrate how this works, cover your eye with one hand and notice how much less you are able to see with only one eye.

The miniature transmitter acts a beacon to tell the BioScanner™ where to focus. Most importantly, it compensates for any movement from the infant without affecting the quality of the scan. It is placed on the top of the infant's head underneath the scanning hood. Technically, the transmitter allows the scanner to track the body part in 3D space. This allows the 3D data image that is scanned to be accurately reassembled in the computer.

The BioScanner™ allows cranial specialists to obtain the key data needed to make the kinderBAND™ without the unpleasant experience of casting. The BioScanner™ is also incredibly accurate, capturing shapes within .178mm.

The BioScanner™ is approved by the FDA for acquiring the head shape to be used to manufacture the kinderBAND™.