We want your appointment to be a very positive experience for you and your baby. Therefore, we kindly ask that the caregiver follow these recommendations for their first Evaluation & Scan visit and subsequent visits:

  1. Make sure your infant is adequately rested.
  2. Make sure your infant has a fresh diaper.
  3. Make sure your infant does not have braids or clips in the hair.
  4. Make sure to bring your infant's weight, length and number of weeks at birth. (this is very important to achieve the proper analysis of your infant's condition for effective treatment)
  5. Call your local kinderBAND™ clinic to determine if preauthorization is needed with your insurance.

As caregivers, your role in the kinderBAND™ treatment program is essential to achieving the best outcome for your baby. Your cranial specialist will guide you through the treatment program, giving you a sense of what to expect and also providing you with a written Caregiver Guide to the kinderBAND™.