You will meet your cranial specialist and together will complete the Patient Information Sheet. This information is essential to the design of the kinderBAND™, as this provides key indicators on how your baby's head will develop. We design the kinderBAND™ utilizing the published government CDC growth charts.

The cranial specialist will review your prescription and diagnosis with you. Next, they will take key anthropomorphic measurements of your baby's head. The measurements will be taken using kinderKALIPERS™, calipers that were exclusively designed by the kinderBAND™ team to obtain the most accurate measurements possible. These measurements are integral to achieving optimal symmetry for your baby's head.

Then they will explain the scanning process using the BioScanner™. We understand that sometimes caregivers may be nervous about scanning. Scanning is quick, simple and most importantly non-traumatic for the infant. Acquiring the cranial shape data with the BioScanner™ is 510k cleared by the FDA.