On your second visit, your baby will receive their custom kinderBAND™. Like the scanning process, you will hold your baby on your lap. Your baby will face outward so the cranial specialist can easily slip the kinderBAND™ on to your baby's head.

The cranial specialist will then turn your baby towards you to show you the proper fit of the kinderBAND™. As you will be removing and applying the kinderBAND™, it is important that you understand how to align it properly. The cranial specialist will assist by providing markings on the interior foam which will serve as guides for proper fitting.

If any modifications need to be made to relieve the interior foam of the kinderBAND™, the cranial specialist will make them at this time.

Then, the cranial specialist will review the Usage & Care instructions of the kinderBAND™ with you. As well, they will explain Tummy Time and give you a guide to helping your baby improve their neck and trunk muscles. Finally, you will be asked to send a photo or text on Day 4 to confirm all is going well with your baby wearing the kinderBAND™.