After your initial fitting, you will return for a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks. The cranial specialist will ask you if you have seen a change in the shape of your baby's head. They will also inquire about the amount of time your baby spends per day wearing the kinderBAND™. In order to achieve proper correction, it is critical that your baby wears the kinderBAND™ at least 20 - 23 hours each day. If you are having an issue achieving this, the cranial specialist will work through any difficulties you are having.

While wearing the kinderBAND™ requires some getting used to, we find that most babies become comfortable with it within the first four days. Caregivers love the additional safety it provides their baby while they are playing.

The cranial specialist will modify the inside of your kinderBAND™ accordingly, as your baby's head has grown in the past 2 weeks. Some cranial specialist will choose to drill a few holes in the front and back of the kinderBAND™ during this appointment. This serves as a guide for fitting as well as adding airflow.

You will continue to have follow up appointments every 2 - 3 weeks until correction is achieved.