We understand that it can be overwhelming to learn your baby needs a cranial remolding helmet. The concern then becomes how to pay for it.

We are pleased to advise that insurance will pay for the kinderBAND™, if their authorization requirements are met.

When your infant is first diagnosed with a cranial deformity such as plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly or asymmetrical brachycephaly, they will be sent to a certified kinderBAND™ clinic for further evaluation. Your baby will be scanned and anthropomorphic measurements will be taken to determine the severity of their asymmetry. If the asymmetry is moderate to severe, it is usually covered by insurance. In many states, Medicaid will also cover the kinderBAND™ for this diagnosis.

Each certified kinderBAND™ clinic has an Insurance Specialist on staff. Their job is to thoroughly research every case and provide clients with expert assistance regarding their insurance plan. Their goal is to ensure clients are able to take advantage of the maximum benefit for their kinderBAND™ needs.

The cost of treatment varies with each certified kinderBAND™ clinic, as we are not a franchise. All adjustment appointments during treatment are included with the price of the kinderBAND™. For specific information, please contact the certified kinderBAND™ clinic in your area.