For scanning, you will be asked to remove any shirt or onesie with a collar that your baby is wearing. Your baby will be placed on your lap facing you. We want to ensure that your baby is in the most soothing environment possible which means you will be holding them, and they will see your face the entire time. Some caregivers choose to hold a small toy on their lap and/or use a pacifier.

The cranial specialist will then quickly don a knitted cap on your baby's head and begin scanning using the BioScanner™. The scanning process takes seconds. After scanning, the cranial specialist will confirm your choice of Transfer Pattern. Transfer Patterns are an array of patterns we use to color the kinderBAND™, providing an attractive look to your baby's helmet.

Once the scan is complete, photos will be taken from various angles. Both the photos and measurements are critical for documenting the pre-treatment baseline for the referring physician, cranial specialist, caregiver and insurance company.